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Our mind is like an ocean, where the waves of emotions are generated by our thoughts Not all the waves are calm and soothing. Often gigantic waves of stress, grief, depression, anger, anxiety, self-destructive thoughts torment us. Our inability to handle them not only affects our mental health, but physical health as well. These impacts are manifested in the form of headaches, body ache, heart problems, insomnia, eating disorders and so on. They also have a disturbing impact on our relationships, professional lives and personal growth.


What are Essential Oils’?

Essential oils are fragrant liquids extracted from the parts of plants like the bark, seeds, flowers, leaves, resins, fruit, roots, rinds and wood. Since ancient times. Essential Oils have been extensively used in the fields of medicine, perfumery and cosmetics. They can be used in the form of diffuser oils, body oils, roll-on blends. creams and soaps.

How They Act?

When inhaled, the molecules in essential oils travel from olfactory nerves to olfactory bulb. The impulses are transported from the cifactory bulb to the brain, particularly to the limbic system. The limbic system structures control our heart rate, respiration, breathing, memory, emotions, stress level and hormone balance. Thus essential oils can have profound physiological and psychological effects.


Interesting Facts about Essential Oils

 Do you know that the same essential oil can evoke different degrees and different types of emotion in different people?

It is extremely important to find the appropriate oil whose aroma suits you and use it consistently to get the maximum benefit out of it.

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