Our Services


Customized Essential Oil Blends

We understand that every person is unique and everyone’s journey is different. So, we provide customized Essential Oil Blends for your unique needs to heal your mind, body and soul. Do write to us about your problem and we’ll do our best to assist you in your healing journey!


Aromatize Solitaires

Every Essential Oil is unique; and we take pride in calling our each Essential Oil as precious as a Solitaire. You can order any product from this vast range of Solitaires suiting your needs.


Carrier Oils

As the name suggests, Carrier Oils carry the Essential Oils to the desired site and help in getting maximum therapeutic benefits from them. We provide various options of organic, unrefined and refined Carrier Oils.



Hydrosols are the aqueous distillate collected during the extraction of Essential Oils by steam distillation method. These can be used many ways – making face masks, hair care products, facial toners, body sprays, room sprays, etc. Do write us for ordering the hydrosol of your choice.