Essential Oils For Quality of Life

Essential Oils are known for their ability to bring harmony, positivity and health in human life. They bring us closer to the power of Nature and help us improve the quality of our life.With this gift in mind, Aromatize has created some Essential Oil combinations that will enhance the quality of your life –

  1. De-Clutter (Clarity Blend):

In our busy lives, it often becomes important to declutter the mental space along with the surrounding space. This blend helps you generate clear expression of thoughts and feelings. It uplifts your emotional strength to the next level. It is extremely helpful when you are working on a project or preparing for exams; as it will bring significant clarity in your though process. Indeed, it will ‘De-clutter’ your life in the truest sense.

  1. Rise and Shine (Exercise Blend):

Can’t find the motivation to exercise? This energizing blend will surely enhance your physical fitness by providing the right inspiration. With this energizing Blend, find the motivation to stick to your exercise program; whether in the gym or at home. It is available in the form of Bottle Blends and can be used in diffuser water. Let it run during your exercise and experience its magic!

  1. Live More (Positivity Blend):

Life is all about balancing your emotions. This unique Blend helps you train your mind to create positive thoughts. Positive Energy always prevails in the Universe, you just have to channelize it. The optimism that this Blend will generate is the key to ‘Live More’.

These blends are available in two forms –

  • Bottle Blends:

Put 4-6 drops from the Bottle Blends into Diffuser water. Sit back and relax with this aroma for at least 10-15 min, focussing solely on the aroma. This is extremely helpful if done on a daily basis.

  • Roll-On Blends:

Roll-On Blends are small and handy. They can be carried in a pouch, purse or pocket. They can be applied on the wrist or nape of the neck to inhale the aroma.

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