Essential Oils for Emotional Stress

Hans Selye, a famous stress researcher, defined stress as the “response of the body to any demand, whether it is caused by, or results in, pleasant or unpleasant conditions”

Stress happens as a response to physical, mental, or emotional pressure. It causes hormonal and chemical changes in the body which lead to increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. It can also create feelings of frustration, anxiety, anger or depression. Chronic stress can increase the risk hypertension, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, depression, anxiety and many other diseases.

Stress is an individual response to the various situations and conditions one faces in life. There are many ways handle stress:-

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercises
  • Journaling
  • Psychological counselling
  • Behavioural therapy

Aromatherapy can be incorporated while handling stressful situations. Essential Oils have a significant impact on the emotions by affecting the limbic system in the brain as well as the Hormonal balance in the body. Hence, usage of appropriate Essential Oils offers tremendous relief in overcoming the stress one experiences in day-to-day life.

With these factors in mind, Aromatize has created two types of blends to be used in specific situations

  1. Heal Within:

This heavenly blend will help you recover after facing an emotionally draining event or conversation. It is emotionally grounding and generates a feeling of safety.

  1. Ease Stress:

This beautiful blend will help you release the stress and ‘let go’ in the truest sense.

These blends are available in two forms –

  • Bottle Blends:

Put 4-6 drops from the Bottle Blends into Diffuser water. Sit back and relax with this aroma for at least 10-15 min, focussing solely on the aroma. This is extremely helpful if done on a daily basis.

  • Roll-On Blends:

Roll-On Blends are small and handy. They can be carried in a pouch, purse or pocket. They can be applied on the wrist or nape of the neck to inhale the aroma.

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