LEMONGRASS -Cymbopogan citratus (15ml)




This oil with ‘Top Note’ is extracted from the leaves of   ‘Cymbopogan flexuosus’ by steam distillation. It is pale yellow to green yellow liquid with herbaceous, earthy, citrus aroma.

Ingredient: Cymbopogan flexuosus’

Uses : Muscle and joint health, cooking ingredient, skin purifier and toner, Mood lifter.

Caution: Sensitive skin irritant.

Only for External Use
How to use?

1. Diffuser-
Add 3-6 drops in diffuser water
*Do not mix the blend in carrier oils for diffuser use.
2. Topical Application-
Add 6 to 8 drops in 30 ml of desired carrier oil for external massage.
3. Bath-
Add 3-4 drops in bucket of water.

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